Recents in Beach

Cluster Gate Purnawarman

Cluster Gate design by Tarik Garis Consultan
Rendering 3d by eben3d impressions

3d gerbang
Cluster Gate
I worked as a drafter 3d, good build 3d autocad, 3d rendering and impressions. I am proficient program to build 3d autocad, using 3dmaxs to render and finishing using adobe photoshop.
Thanks to the clients who have trusted 3d image of his impressions to me, all have been summarized in a blog. 3d blog is a portfolio of my 3d works.
From various remote locations have trusted me to do his 3d image, such as Batam, Central Java, and of course around Jakarta. I myself was in town Bintaro 9 South Tangerang.

I feel so much easier in this work, as a service provider that works online 3d. We do not need to be face to face, became the basis for our belief, because of work or my portfolio can be seen in this blog.


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